Executive Temps employees


First Day on the Assignment

Before starting an assignment, be sure to look over ET’s Policies and Procedures and timecard sample (see below).

  • Take a timecard to your assignment.
  • Upon arrival, no more than 15 minutes early, call ET and let us know that you are in place.
  • Notify agency for any late arrivals or absences.
  • Cell phones must be off when working. Check messages during breaks or lunch.
  • Always be helpful and accommodating to executives and other assistants.
  • Ask your supervisor about the agenda and flow of their day and your day i.e., breaks, lunches and end times for both of you so that you can effectively execute your work day.
  • Familiarize yourself with the company and know the major players at your temp assignment.
  • Familiarize yourself with the phones, the phone logs, frequently called numbers and other resources such as a temp folder or the instructions the assistant has left for you.
  • Carry a notepad with you and copy down all of the information correctly when your supervisor is giving instructions and general information; ask them to repeat instructions or information if necessary.
  • If you are issued a password different from that of the actual assistant, please leave the password on the executive’s desk before you leave the assignment.
  • Be sure to leave any company property such as keys, gate passes, etc. with the executive before your departure.
  • If you are filling in for the actual assistant, you may have to arrange for your own drive-on parking pass if your assignment exceeds one day.
  • Make sure to get any overtime approved if you think you will exceed 8 hours within the day.
  • Call ET if you should have any questions or concerns; please do not guess! Always ask for help.

The Don’ts

  • Do not use company property for ANY PERSONAL use (i.e. stationery, messenger service, mail service, overnight mail services) or company supplies for personal use.
  • Do not use company email for your personal use at anytime.
  • Do not surf the net for personal use.
  • Never change the settings on personal computers.
  • Do not make personal phone calls.
  • Do not ‘shop’ your résumé, headshots scripts, etc.
  • Do not remove any company property.

Dress policy

The general rule is to always dress professionally and business casual on assignments unless you are told otherwise. Be advised that temps are always judged more harshly than permanent employees and may not be given the same liberties. Thank you for dressing the part.


Although we do not object to you networking on the job, please be advised that it is the policy of Executive Temps to require copies of any correspondence that you send to our clients. Also, if you should choose to contact our client in any other manner, we must be informed first. Any correspondence not cleared through our office can potentially alienate you from a prospective employer and eliminate your chances of temping for that client in the future.

Interviewing while on an assignment

It is not acceptable to leave an assignment to interview. You may schedule interviews on your free time before or after work, or during your lunch hour. Do not ask for additional time off from an assignment to see a prospective employer. If you need time off to interview, just inform us and we will replace you. We feel your temporary assignment deserves a full-time temp to work from the start of the day to the end. Also remember, any prospective employer will look at your commitment to finishing a temp assignment as a sign of dedication and reliability.

Timecard Procedures & Paychecks

  • Timecards must arrive at the physical address of ET by 6:00 p.m. each Tuesday unless otherwise noted in written correspondence to our employees.
  • Timecards must be filled out completely; use the sample timecard provided to guide you or download a blank copy here.
  • Please round all minutes to the quarter hour (i.e., 15, 30 or 45 minutes).
  • Tally each day separately and add the totals in the boxes to the far right.
  • Print your name, the company name and the company supervisor’s name in the spaces provided.
  • Obtain a signature from the company’s supervisor that we originally assigned you or if they are unavailable, someone in the department who visibly saw you working, preferably another supervisor.
  • Write the week ending date in the box provided.
  • Check the box indicating if your assignment is over.
  • Check the box indicating if you would like your check mailed.
  • Keep the pink copy and turn in the top white and yellow copies.
  • We do not accept photocopies or faxes of timecards; we need an original.
  • In the event that you arrive at a one day assignment and you do not possess a timecard, depending on the circumstance, we may fax you a timecard or ask that you come on your lunch break to pick up one.
  • If any of the above instructions are not followed explicitly, your timecard & paycheck may not be processed in a timely manner resulting in the delay of your paycheck for the week in question.
  • Paychecks are mailed weekly on Thursdays.

Direct Deposit

If you are interested in direct deposit, submit the form provided to Executive Temps; remember to attach a voided check. The process takes approximately 2-3 weeks to take effect.

Download Direct Deposit Form here format.


If you should refer another professional to ET, please tell them to visit our website first at www.executive-temps.com. They should send their resume and cover letter to us at contact@executivetemps.com and indicate who referred them.

Permanent Placements

If you should become a full-time employee with a company while you are registered with us, you must immediately inform us of the change via email or phone.


On site, we offer tutorials in Microsoft Office; off site, we conduct a training by way of Leveraging Up! , a workshop for the executive assistant who desires to enhance his or her skill base. Please contact ET in order to set up a time for a computer tutorial or to participate in Leveraging Up!